Call for submissions

If you share our essential orientation on power, help us build by proposing essays, actions, films, music, art, parallel projects, or anything else that helps bring a focus on the importance of power and power relations in modern life

This project is a work in progress and we look for allies in this work. Our concern is power, and our orientation, while we hope to be rigorous, or accurate, is resolutely on the present. While powerfoundation could be simply a repository for thoughts and essays, it could also be anything else that serves the essential purpose of problematising power and power relations, revealing them in their local or global depth, or placing them within their historical horizon or strategic environment.

We are open to all kinds of submissions that are in tune with this essential outlook. If you have films, essays, art works, poems, thoughts, reflections, testimonies, or experiences, or anything else that relates to our orientation, you are warmly encouraged to submit them to us. In time, we would like to build a community of activists, thinkers, artists, or simply individuals who are concerned with power, who think about power, and who want to raise questions and power and the societies in which we find ourselves.

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