Project scope

Globalization has reduced the field of the world to zero. Telepresence has erased the effective distance between here and there. But there is also a reduction of depth amid the acceleration of social life.

The collapse of distance in an age of telepresence is one of the key characteristics, and selling points in the minds of advocates, of the era of globalization. Everything arrives to hand without the need to leave. In the modern West, where this technology is most pervasive, this technical reorientation of space and time is having profound effects on civic culture and the city in general. But rapidity of communication and data transfer is not only impacting space and time, setting parameters for a reorganisation of the relation between “men and things,” it is also impacting on what is communicated and how much is communicated. If the world has been “flattened”, so has content.

The organization of space and time in the context of the modern State has a defined and clear history. It is one that concerns not only the development of military technology and strategy, but perhaps most importantly, the organization of horizons of political technology — or orders of power — acting in general on live populations and individuals in kind. Linked to the deepening inscription of the productionist order in the social body, or capitalist life in general, communication and transportation technologies have played a fundamental role in shaping the behavioural patterns of nations, and the content of thought itself. So when we say “reduction” we mean not only the collapse of the world as field, but also a flattening of what is thought, what questions are asked, what questions are public, and what possibilities are open.

This project is ongoing, complementing other projects powerfoundation is pursuing.