Opening thoughts on The Field

Tag: the State


The field is resonant frequencies — trillions in a square inch, rotating on near infinite axes as single frequencies interact, adapt, are assimilated or assimilate.


As a world phenomenon, what is at stake in globalism — no less — is the ascent to dominance of the State as Being on the landscape that we compose, as the plane of becoming.


The emergence of the self-constituting subject is one of the least understood movements of the modern era — something ideologues always equate to a challenge to central authority.


Globalization is not in tension with governance. Each is the logic of the other. This equivalence lies deep within the genealogy of the modern state.


While space in the modern era has opened up, giving an illusion of freedom, time and pace have closed in on animal man, constituting foundations of a new general confinement.


Before animal man could be set into motion, he first had to learn the discipline of stillness. The regularization of human populations readied them for dromocratic society.